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Commercial HVAC Repairs in Mead

Solving the Toughest HVAC Problems in Loveland & Boulder

When commercial HVAC equipment fails, DNI Heating AC Refrigeration is here to provide a fast and effective solution. For 25 years, our team of talented technicians has been delivering dependable commercial HVAC repairs in Mead. Whether an HVAC unit is making strange noises, failing to cool or heat, refusing to turn on, or producing foul odors, we have the knowledge and tools to quickly get to the bottom of the issue and provide the best repairs. 

Some of the most common commercial HVAC issues we repair include:

  • Frozen evaporator coils 
  • Thermostat issues 
  • Compressor leaks
  • Broken blower motors
  • Dirty condenser coils 
  • Corroded heat exchangers 
  • Faulty controls 
  • Electrical problems 
  • Inadequate refrigerant levels 
  • Leaky condensate drain pans 

Got a problem with your commercial HVAC equipment? Call our experienced professionals at (303) 622-3383 or send us a message onlinefor a quick resolution. 

Priceless Service That Fits Your Budget Calling in an HVAC expert doesn’t have to break the bank! We offer financing options with approved credit so your
home repairs and upgrades won’t set you back, and you get to stay cool and comfortable all year long.

Why Is My Commercial HVAC System Malfunctioning? 

No matter how well designed and built, all commercial HVAC equipment will eventually need to be repaired. Each unit relies on several mechanical components to operate, and their performance can be negatively impacted by the gradual wear and tear of these components. Worn belts, ball bearings, and other parts can result in several issues, such as restricted airflow, overheating, or lack of conditioned air. When this occurs, the components will need to be replaced to restore the system to full functionality. 

Here are some additional commercial HVAC problems and the reasons they may be occurring: 

  • Unusual noises – While some noises are normal during HVAC system operation, others indicate the presence of a mechanical problem. Squealing or whining noises, for example, may be due to failing bearings within a blower motor or inducer motor. Other unusual sounds may be caused by dirty burners or airflow issues. 
  •  Blower always runs – In some cases, the blower runs continuously because the thermostat is set to the “Fan On” position. The blower may also not be shutting off because of a stuck fan relay. Sometimes, limits or safeties are activated, which causes the unit to turn on to cool the system down. If the limit or safety does not reset, the blower will remain on. 
  • Water leaks – Leaking water is a problem that can occur with both ACs and furnaces. These units have condensate drains to ensure proper water drainage. If these lines get clogged or cracked, they can leak water. Other potential sources of the leak are the heat exchanger or evaporator drain pan. 

Finding the Source of HVAC Trouble

It’s one thing to know what signs to look for that indicate a commercial HVAC unit requires repairs. It’s much harder to determine the source of the problem in order to take the right steps to fix it. That’s where DNI Heating AC Refrigeration comes in. Our service technicians will locate the cause of the problem and explain the best repair options. 

For quality commercial HVAC repairs in Mead, call our experienced team at (303) 622-3383 today! We work until the job is done right. 

  • “DNI has amazing customer service. Immediate after hours response, professional and efficient workmen and quality work product.”

    - Linda T.

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