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Manufacturer Repair Services in Loveland, CO

DNI Heating AC and Refrigeration knows firsthand what collects in your ducts. As Loveland, Colorado’s heating and air conditioning experts for over 20 years, we have the expertise to clean and maintain the air ducts in your home, commercial or municipal office building.
Facilitating clean indoor air continues to be our passion since 1997. We are well-equipped to clean your air ducts without chemical biocides and sealants. We eliminate rodent feces and dust from ducts, find and eliminate moisture points and clean system components like your fans and coils to reduce the allergens that are released into your system.

Improve System Efficiency

Air duct cleaning is essential in extending the life of your heating and AC system. The dust that filters through your system puts a strain on parts and makes them work overtime. The harder your system has to work, the less energy efficient it is and faster you need maintenance and repairs.
For commercial, municipal and industrial properties, keeping maintenance to a minimum keeps costs down. With higher energy costs, you are compelled to pass those costs down to your tenants or raise the costs of your services to offset the cost of doing business. Because we know that the savings from an energy efficient commercial building can be tremendous, we recommend calling DNI Heating AC and Refrigeration to clean your air ducts every three years.

Reduce Allergens

DNI Heating AC and Refrigeration knows that dust, mold and other contaminants released into your home or office from your vents can be directly linked to upper respiratory system flare-ups like asthma attacks and chronic bronchitis. Reduce illnesses from airborne pathogens with air duct cleaning. It not only improves your quality of life you have at home, but it increases productivity and mood.
From a business standpoint, clean ducts increases productivity at work by reducing discomfort at work. We all know firsthand how miserable it is to have the sniffles and throat irritations indoors at work. We are there for most of our day. Make it easy for your staff to work comfortably with clean ventilation systems.
We flexible scheduling, great rates and years of experience, DNI Heating AC and Refrigeration is the team to call for your air duct cleaning and maintenance. Contact us today for a risk-free quote.